Saturday, March 7, 2009

Juno March Chart Now Online

Here's a player for our chart over at Juno Records, compiled by Craig Loosejoints & Mark Robb (The Starla Records DJ Team) - a selection of our favourite new releases. There will be some mixes available on this site from the djs soon, in the meantime, Enjoy!

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Paradigm said...

Just heard you cats yesterday on NPR. Man, ya'll are doing it! Love the vibe, love the soul.

I'm an african american male, late 30's and a "real" soul music lover and the track that was played on NPR was OOZING with soul. If the track just played w/ no artist insight I'd swear you were some neo-soul cats from the States.

Put me on the list, I'm a fan.

Sincerely, A fan in Vegas.

I'll be keeping an ear out for ya and will buy those tracks next week.