Thursday, August 27, 2009

DT6 MP3s Now Available / New Chart / Craig Loosejoints @ Modrophenia

For those of you not fortunate enough to have vinyl playing facilities (sort it out asap people!) we now have mp3s, wavs etc of both the DT6 Starla singles available from the usual outlets (I-Tunes,, emusic etc and our friends over at Juno) for a only a few pence each!

Speaking of Juno Records, we have a new chart online there to tide you over till the next Starla dj mix goes online, featuring our current favourite tracks that are in-stock here

More news soon, in the meantime if you're in Glasgow next weekend, Starla's own Craig (Loosejoints) will be guesting at Modrophenia at Maggie Mays next Friday 4 September playing a 45s set of dancefloor fireworks, more info here

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